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Mayfair Glass simplifies the process of realizing your creative vision by allowing you to seamlessly match colors, shapes, and accessories with your home's unique style.

Window Styles

Casement Windows

01 Casement Windows

Casement windows are designed with hinges on the side, allowing them to open outward to the left or right for optimal ventilation. They are equipped with a crank handle for easy operation, providing a high level of security when locked. These windows are commonly found in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms due to their practicality and functionality.

Fixed/Picture Windows

03 Fixed/Picture Windows

Fixed windows have a stationary sash that does not open, but they provide the same look and sightlines as casement or awning windows, making them perfect for multiple-window setups.
A picture window is a fixed window that allows abundant natural light to enter and offers an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.

Single Hung Slider Windows

05 Single Hung Slider Windows

Single Hung windows, also referred to as vertical sliders, have a fixed upper panel and a lower sash that can be opened upwards to allow for ventilation. The hidden balances enable the sash to be adjusted to any preferred height when opened.

Rake Windows

07 Rake Windows

Rake windows, characterized by their irregular angles and sides, are frequently employed to replicate the appearance of roof lines. These unique windows are an excellent method for enhancing a home's visual appeal and personality.

Awning Windows

02 Awning Windows

Hinged at the top and opening outward for ventilation, awning windows are operated with a crank handle and secured with locks on both sides. They can be combined with picture windows to provide ventilation either at the top or bottom of a window setup.

Slider Windows

04 Slider Windows

Horizontal gliders, also called sliders, can smoothly move left or right and provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient option. A built-in pull rail enables easy operation of the slider, while strong locks ensure that the sash stays securely in place for a tight seal.

Slider Windows

06 Curved Top Windows

Curved frames adorn the geometric shaped windows, offering a unique touch to enhance the personality of a home. Select from a variety of options such as quarter rounds, half rounds, arches, segmentals, ovals, and additional designs to customize your space.

Bay/Bow Windows

08 Bay/Bow Windows

A bay window protrudes from the exterior wall with three windows, while a bow window has four or five windows. We can either replace current bay or bow windows, or flatten the window area to give your home a new appearance.

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Material Types

Are you feeling uncertain about the material needed for your windows? Well, let us give you a quick rundown of each type to help you out!


Vinyl windows are a popular choice in Canada due to their exceptional value, energy efficiency, and long-lasting beauty. They are perfectly suited to the northern climate and come in a wide range of styles. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, are resistant to rotting, peeling, and cracking, and never need to be painted.

Aluminum-Clad Vinyl

Aluminum-clad vinyl windows offer an excellent opportunity to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. By combining the energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain qualities of vinyl windows with vibrant aluminum cladding on the outside, they provide a stylish and practical solution. This innovative design retains the energy efficiency and low maintenance benefits of traditional vinyl windows while introducing durable extruded aluminum cladding for a fresh look.

Aluminum-Clad Wood

Aluminum-clad wood windows offer the timeless appeal and cozy feel of traditional wood windows. The Signature Series windows can be customized with paint or stain to complement your interior design. With a selection of eight exterior colors, there's no need for repainting. These windows showcase the natural elegance of wood on the inside and are protected by a durable extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior.

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The Government of Canada is providing reimbursement of up to $600* for EnerGuide evaluations and expert advice to homeowners plus up to $5000* for making energy efficient retrofits to their homes.

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